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December 13

10am PST   |   7pm CET   | 8pm Tel Aviv

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Is DevOps Dead?

Is it just semantics or is there really a difference between DevOps, SRE, Platform Engineers, Cloud Engineers or even SysAdmins? This session will shed light for practitioners who want more clarity on how industry trends will impact their careers.


In one corner we have Angel and Fabian arguing that DevOps is dead and that Platform Engineers and SREs are fundamentally different beasts than their predecessor. They will also dive into what this means for tech managers and for those currently working in DevOps, what skills will matter in the new world? the other corner, Andreas and Oshrat will argue that DevOps is live and kicking with all the new naming conventions being mere semantics. They will dive into how employers try to differentiate themselves and what the different terms say about a company. They will also discuss what common pitfalls engineers fall into when trying to follow the latest trends.


Together we will debate and analyze these frameworks and hope to thereby settle the question "Is DevOps dead?"


DevOps is dead. Long live DevOps.

Angel Rivera - CircleCI (Team ‘yes’)

Angel started his career as an US Air Force Space Systems Operations specialist when he realized his passion for technology and software development. He has extensive experience in the private, public and military sectors and his technical experience includes military/space lift operations, technical writing, software development, SRE/DevOPs engineering. He also has a wealth of experience in defense and federal sectors such as contracting, information systems security and management.

Fabian Met - Fullstaq (Team ‘yes’)

Fabian is one of the founders and CTO of Fullstaq, a DevOps consulting firm. In his role he has had the privilege to be closely involved with many companies across industries. Most of these companies have challenges adopting Cloud Native technologies but it's not just about technology. The way of working has also changed dramatically! Fabian knows how companies ranging from SMBs to national banks have (attempted) to cope with these changes.

Andreas Grabner - Dynatrace (Team ‘no’)

Andreas is a DevOps activist at Dynatrace. He has over 20 years of experience as a software developer, tester and architect, and is an advocate for high-performing cloud operations. As a champion of DevOps initiatives, Andreas is dedicated to helping developers, testers and operations teams become more efficient in their jobs.

Oshrat Nir - Armo (Team ‘no’)

Oshrat is Head of Product Marketing at ARMO. She makes sure to keep herself squarely between product and marketing, so that she can keep telling stories, but make sure that they are accurate. Years of working with engineers, but in marketing, has helped her form strong opinions about engineering tools practices and how they are marketed.

Viktor Farcic (Opinionated moderator)

YouTube educator, Upbound Developer Advocate, CDF ambassador, published author - Viktor wears many hats. He will guide this discussion, move it from topic to topic and occasionally add fuel to the flames.

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December 13

10am PST   |   7pm CET   | 8pm Tel Aviv


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