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Data, heuristics and culture for shorter downtimes - with Dev (CtrlStack, Wavefront, Google, PayPal)

In this interview, I sit down with Dev, co-founder of CtrlStack, to discuss their cloud stack troubleshooting model and how it helps identify problems as soon as they occur. Interestingly, downtimes have not improved much over the past decade while the amount of data available has skyrocketed. With CtrlStack he sat out to change this.

Drawing from personal experience, he shares his observations on the different engineering cultures of PayPal and Google.

In addition, we discuss the topic of burnout and how the expectation to know everything in stressful situations can lead to it. When discussing ways to address this issue, he mentions several changes that the field of DevOps can expect due to advancements in AI over the next 24 months. These changes will address some of the factors contributing to burnout among engineers.

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