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I analyzed 433 speeches from KubeCon 2022 - here are the results

At the recent KubeCon conference, 433 speeches were given on a variety of topics related to cloud computing. In this article, I will analyze the key themes and takeaways from these presentations, highlighting the most important trends and developments in the field.


Simple as that: went through all the speeches (title and description) and found some interesting patterns.

KubeCon 2022 in Detroit

Here are some interesting observations:

  • 'Not' was one of the most popular words -> learning from mistakes seems to a be a popular way to improve

  • A lot of the most popular words in the speeches and their descriptions were also the most popular words on the KubeCon 2022 vendor booths (see my other article below)

    • But there are some differences: 'infrastructure' for example was much more prevalent on vendor booths than in the speeches

  • Time-based words like 'day', 'time', 'minutes', 'now' are very common

  • 'Google' with 30 mentions is by far the most active company - mostly by providing speakers.

  • 'Software bill of materials' (11x) and other cost-related speeches show that the industry is reacting to the economic situation.

  • 'Move' and 'migration' were common themes.

  • 'Community' was the 9th most common word, which illustrates the general idea behind KubeCon. 'Maintainer' also ranked highly.

Talking about community, here are the most commonly mentioned projects (I left out Kubernetes, because 488 mentions would've just blown the chart):

But there were also insights that are just fun-facts: 'David' was for example the most common name for a speaker.

Other events you might've missed included:

  • 18x wellness sessions

  • 3x morning run (but seriously, 7am)

  • 1x women’s breakfast

Next steps

Did you find this interesting? Send it to someone who'd like it, too! Also, I'm always looking for feedback ->

More analyses? Watch the speeches?

Most of the speeches can be rewatched here. If you want access to the database used for this analysis, write me an email to

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